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Academy - grades 7and 8

Program Description

This program gives soccer players a unique opportunity in Ottawa : that of a European football club academy.  Participants will benefit from the training, mentorship and advice provided by professionals in various related fields.

What we offer

Sessions will be lead by Angel Barastain (FC Barcelona) and Joé Fournier (LR Soccer).  The fitness sessions will be created and lead by Jean-Robert Léger (JR) of Base Conditioning. 

Participants will also benefit with sessions aiming to improve their overall development through:

-running techniques sessions;

-gymnastics (parkour) sessions; 

-sports nutrition;

-sports psychology;


-video analysis;

-team spirit;

-acces to Coach Me + software (www.coachmeplus.com);

-acces to GPS  units (http://www.vxsport.com); 

-goalkeeper sessions will be offered by a goalkeeper coach (specialist).

The schedule of the program will be as follow:

The program will be offered from the begining of the school year (early September) to the end of the school year (end of June).

-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:15 to 5:00: soccer sessions at the Dôme LR of l'ÉSP Louis-Riel;

-Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 5:00: cross training sessions (parkour, yoga, running, etc.) or theory session (sports psychology, sports nutrition, video analysis, etc.) in the Dôme or a classroom at l'ÉSP Louis-Riel.

-Fitness sessions will be 2-3 times per week (depending on the phase of traiining).

-Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 game situation in the Dôme LR of l'ÉSP Louis-Riel.

*The official calendar of the academy will be shared will all the participants and their families.


Please send us an email at louisrielsoccer@gmail.com and register here:



Periodized and monitored training sessions.

Training on a full size (11 a-side) indoor field.

Academics and training under the same roof (no need to travel).

Outstading athletic and academic guidance (dedicated and qualified faculty and coaching staff).

Training ends at 5 pm every day (free evenings to study, spend time with friends or family).

Total development of the student-athlete (cross training, theory sessions, etc.) through a natural cooperation of everyone involved (teachers, coaches and othe professionals).

**A post-workout smoothie program will be offered to athletes.

Cost and admission

The cost for members of the LR Soccer Academy is $ 2500 per school year.

To be accepted in the academy, the athlete must:

1- be a student (registered) at l'ÉSP Louis-Riel;

2- take part in the tryouts (see dates on the calendar or contact us);

3- go through the acceptance interviews;

4- have his / her parents attend the information session (mandatory).  The date will be shared with participants that were selected.

5- have and maintain an academic record worthy of respect, engagement and perseverance (every case will be evaluated individually).

*A maximum of participants will be accepted in this program.

**This program is only offered to students registered at l'ÉSP Louis-Riel.

Trips and competitions

The partnership between l'ÉSP Louis-Riel and FCBarcelona, gives the opportunity to students enrolled in this program to participate in trips and competitions organized by BCN Sports and FCBarcelona:

-FCB Escola Canada Tournament @ Vancouver (Oct. 27th to 29th);

For more information: https://fcbcanada.com/newsletter/2016-05-05/fall-tournament.html

-FCB Escola Americas Tournament  @ Dominican Republic (mid-December);

-FCB Escola International Tournament @ Barcelone (April 2017).  Please note that this event is by invitation / selection only.

-1 week training in Barcelona @ FCB Escola (march 2016).