LR Soccer Academy


This program gives soccer players a unique opportunity in Ottawa : that of a European football club academy.  Participants will benefit from the training, mentorship and advice provided by professionals in various related fields.

Try outs and information session

LR Soccer Academy (grades 7 and 8): September 1st from 5 pm to 7 pm




Students enrolled in the Sports-Études program will benefit from professional support to develop their skills during soccer training and physical education. 

Heures d'ouverture


École lundi à vendredi 8 h 45 -15 h 00


Entraînements LR Soccer lundi à vendredi

U19 - 11 h 35 -12 h 50

U17 - 13 h 45 - 15 h 00

U15 - 15 h 00 - 17 h 00


Suivez nous sur les médias sociaux

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